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Consumer Directions

Consumer Directions provides a continuum of financial management services that empower individuals needing personal assistance or support in their home and who want to self-direct their services. Our services are an alternative, cost effective option to traditional agency services. We support individuals and families caring for a loved one who desire enhanced choice and control over decision and budget-making authority, want to select and hire their support workers, and want the flexibility and responsibility to direct their own services and supports. We are an enrolled Medical Assistance, Minnesota Health Care Provider (MHCP), and certified Fiscal Support Entity (FSE). We are a statewide provider, serving all 87 counties in Minnesota with the most responsive customer service with no bureaucratic layers or red tape.

Tel: 800-400-4670
Email: Intake@yourfse.com
Website: http://www.consumerdirections.info

LR Services, LLC.

We understand. Paperwork and bills can pile up fast. It is hard to know where to start and it is overwhelming. The fine print is hard to read. Maintaining your personal files and files with tax receipts requires time and organization. We work with older adults to manage daily finances and stay on top of paperwork. We assist to: Organize paperwork, Reconciles Statements, Avoid fraud and scams, Manage medical bills and receipts, Pay bills timely, Balance Checkbook, Identify and resolve billing errors. We will also review insurance forms and corresponding invoices to assure accuracy, advocate on behalf of older adults with service providers and vendors and organize tax documents and receipts. LR Services is fully bonded and insured. Contact us today.

Tel: 651-683-0898
Email: Info@LRservices.net
Website: http://www.LRservices.net

Hallmark Homecare

We are a direct-hire placement service for the best caregivers in the area. Our innovative model cuts out the "middle man" and saves you 30% or more without sacrificing the caliber of safe, in-home care that your aging loved one deserves. Our simple 4-step process delivers the ideal caregiver for you or your loved one's specific situation and care needs, allowing you to enjoy greater control and consistency of care while also saving thousands of dollars! Let us show you more about what makes our approach unique and special. Call us today or visit our website to request that one of our Care Coordinators contact you.

Tel: 612-432-0186
Email: jbernstein@hallmarkhomecare.com
Website: http://hallmarkhomecare.com/minneapolis/