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This is only the second novel I've read by Ms Hoover.  To say it was much different from "It Ends with Us" would be a huge understatement!  It is very suspenseful and at times only suited for mature readers.  That's not to say the story isn't captivating because the reader is left wondering what is fact and what is someone's imagination.  Is Verity really as evil as her autobiography would lead you to believe.  Which leads me to repeat from previous reviews - my definition of a really good read is one you can't wait to get back to.

The story begins with Lowen Ashleigh, a struggling writer, being offered a dream job when hired by the husband of a bestselling author to complete a successful series his injured wife, Verity, isn't able to finish.  Lowen goes to Verity's home to sort through her notes and files to get started on her assignment. What Lowen discovers though in Verity's office is an unfinished autobiography. Verity is admitting to actions she never intended anyone else to know about. The autobiography is not only captivating but twisted.

As Lowen tries to focus on her work she becomes more fond of Verity's husband Jeremy.  But, she also becomes more wary of Verity who is bedridden.  Unable to talk or walk... How can you become fearful of a woman in this condition? Clues begin to emerge at this point.

When Lowen's feelings begin to deepen for Jeremy she wonders if it is wise to keep the manuscript from him. After all, most of it relates to his children.  Or, is she being selfish due to her feelings for Jeremy.  Surely he couldn't continue to love a person as cruel and manipulative as Verity

This novel is a psychological thriller like none other I've read in recent times.  To the very last page the reader is left wondering if Verity is really this evil? A page turner without a doubt.

Happy reading!!