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This book was suggested to me by a wonderful neighbor who couldn't put it down until 3:00 a.m. when she found out "who done it " ! A recommendation I couldn't refuse.  Even if it is a "real" book.  (I ️ my Kindle) Then,  I read that Ms. Lapena is well known as a "master of manipulation with yet another page-turner".  Who knew? So many great authors!

The book begins by describing a lavish mansion in Brecken Hill an exclusive area near the Hudson River and New York City. It's a beautiful, peaceful looking place. What no one is aware of is that there's been two gruesome murders inside on Easter night. The story begins 24 hours earlier when the Merton adult children are dressing to go to Easter dinner at the same lavish mansion where their parents Sheila and Fred Merton reside. Dan and Jenna two of the siblings dread this family affair, while Catherine the eldest is looking forward to the holiday dinner. As it turns out, they all had reasons to expect their Father's vindictive wrath, since all three were considered a disappointment to him.

As you can imagine, with millions at stake, Detective Reyes, the investigating officer looks at the children as his first suspects. Especially when he discovers he's been lied to by all three of them. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are so many others like the former nanny, the jealous sister, and the former assistant that have secrets which could make them suspects as well. So, just when you think you've solved this mystery, you probably have not!

As one reviewer said, "Ms. Lapena keeps you guessing until the very last page."

Happy reading!