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Since 2002, Pathfinder Care Management has been recognized as a leader in providing individualized support and guidance for older adults. Our Care Managers (RNs or LSWs) can assist with care planning, medical advocacy, health care coordination, research and arrangement of community resources, housing options, home safety and family/caregiver support. Our services are tailored to each client's specific needs whether it is for a short term project or a more on-going relationship. Pathfinder assures objectivity and we are available 24/7 for emergencies. Visit us at www.PathfinderGCM.com or call 612-729-9096 for more information.

Address: 4826 Chicago Ave S #205, Minneapolis, MN 55417
Tel: 612-729-9096
Email: info@pathfindergcm.com
Website: https://www.pathfindergcm.com/
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Our Family Encounter

How prepared are you for your end of life planning? Have you recently retired and want to create a holistic estate plan? Do you realize you need help as a family providing care for your aging parents? Are you aging alone? Looking for guidance or referrals to trusted advisors? Our Family Encounter works with you to coordinate an aging plan with your wishes in mind. Whether you are working within your family to create a plan for an aging parent or you want to have the peace of mind that you have made the necessary decisions for successful and independent aging. We do this in three ways:

  • Design Stewards help you design a comprehensive aging plan to confirm important tasks are completed, finances are considered and you have a trusted team of advisors and professionals who know your wishes. After completing your plan, we ask for your emergency contact, trusted advisor or family knows your wishes.
  • Implementation Stewards are licensed social workers using their expertise to help you, your emergency contact, and your family through a crisis, such as a hospital stay or long term illness.
  • Escalation Stewards are trained family mediators assisting with difficult conversations between family members during critical life changes or resolving family disputes.
  • Tel: 952-679-8332
    Email: amy@ourfamilyencounter.com
    Website: https://ourfamilyencounter.com/

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