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Too much clutter? Need help with downsizing? By working with a professional organizer they can work with you to get your things in order and help you downsize. Together you will find a place for everything.

Oberfoell Auctioneers - Do-Bid.com

Do-Bid.com Online Auction Service and Oberfoell Auctioneers is a complete Auction service, providing all the equipment and personnel needed to do the job well, right from the beginning. A well planned promotional campaign is essential to the success of your auction. We know how to make use of advertising to ensure that people are interested in your property and are in attendance on auction day. Success is the direct result of taking the right actions, the right way, at the right time for the right reasons. Whether online or at live Auction, we will help you work out a plan to sell your items through the best outlet possible, to net you the most dollars in your pocket. "Your thoughtful decision today or your loved ones' burden tomorrow."

Tel: 800-843-3050
Email: don@do-bid.com
Website: https://www.do-bid.com/

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Junk360 will pick up, remove, haul away, and recycle almost anything you can fit in our trucks. Just point to the items you need removed and watch us carry it out, load it in our trucks to haul away, and sweep up for you so that everything is as fresh and clean as a new space. We can help with just one item or an office/home full of unwanted junk. Junk360 also specializes in estate and home clearance. And at the end of the day, we ensure that everything that can be repurposed is donated, recycled or reused to ensure we reduce our impact on local landfills. Call or visit our website for a free estimate.

Tel: 651-395-8659
Email: andre@junk-360.com
Website: http://www.junk-360.com

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Seamless Transitions

At Seamless Transitions we always have your best interest in mind. Our focus is to ensure that your move is done with compassion and integrity. We are dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience, and we strive to exceed your expectations. We work with clients of all ages, however our focus and passion is working with seniors. As a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), our team abides by their code of ethics. NASMM members are recognized for their expertise related to Senior Move Management, transition and relocation issues affecting older adults. We work alongside you to streamline and organize your move. Every project is handled with the utmost in personal care and attention to detail. We are here to help you achieve the lifestyle you desire. We love what we do and it shows.

Tel: 612-718-4843
Email: Katieashland@edinarealty.com
Website: https://seamlesstransitionsmn.com/

Caring Transitions Twin Cities Central

Caring Transitions Twin Cities Central is the Professional Solution for relocation services including downsizing, decluttering & estate sales for both full and partial liquidations serving Cottage Grove, Eagan, Bloomington, Edina, Plymouth, Wayzata, Maple Grove, Brooklyn Park. Regardless of the situation, planned or unexpected, the loss of a loved one or the need to relocate someone can be challenging. The physical challenges and emotional strains can be overwhelming enough, without the added stress of life's unexpected events. Caring Transitions Twin Cities Central offers a streamlined support system to help facilitate a less stressful transition, taking care of the details so you can take care of yourself or a loved one. From sorting through years of memories, working with estate planners, coordinating movers and real estate agents to designing a functional and comfortable floor plan, our compassionate and experienced professionals can be involved as much or as little as you like.

Tel: 651-504-4040
Email: aeiserman@caringtransitions.com
Website: https://www.caringtransitionstccentral.com/

Shared Planet Home Organizing

Are you considering a move in the next several years? Now is the time to start decluttering and organizing. Preparing for life's transitions is not easy but can be made easier by working with a professional organizer. I will provide gentle guidance and expertise as we sort through items and make decisions together to simplify your space so you can focus on what matters most. Once your home is full of your most beloved and needed possessions I can help organize it in a way that improves your day to day life. Let’s connect!

Good to know prior to calling for my services:

  • I can coordinate donation and responsible disposal of unwanted items
  • I do not work with individuals with hoarding behaviors or those who need disposal of animal waste, garbage, etc.
  • I work only within 30 miles of Minneapolis
  • I do not coordinate moves, I am the person to call a few years BEFORE you want to move
  • Tel: 612-708-2098
    Email: info@sharedplanethome.com
    Website: https://www.sharedplanethome.com/