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Minnesota Seniors Medication Management Systems
For those who have a complex medication schedule or have trouble remembering to take their medication.

Fairview Lifeline Program

Fairview Lifeline Program offers Medication Management Systems ideal for those who have either a simple or a complex medication schedule and or have trouble remembering to take their medication. The PMD is easy to use and holds several doses of medication at one time for multiple schedules. It will alert when it is time for the medication to be taken and dispense medications at the times scheduled from pre-filled dosage cups. We also offer a more streamline Dose unit for those with a less complex medication schedule, easy to operate and take along for traveling. Both units can be connected to notify a caregiver if there is a missed dose of medication. Contact us today for more information.

Tel: 952-885-6185
Website: https://www.fairview.org/overarching-care/home-care-and-hospice/lifeline

Home Medication Managers

The importance of medication management cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to caring for the elderly. Home Medication Managers offers pill box filling by licensed, professional and experienced RN's. Weekly or bi-weekly services, no contracts and competitive pricing. Servicing Anoka and Hennepin Counties. Contact us today! Visit us on Facebook at Home Medication Managers.

Tel: 612-581-7616
Email: homemedmanagers@gmail.com
Website: Click Here