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Minnesota Seniors For those who have a complex medication schedule or have trouble remembering to take their medication.


Cybermation, Inc. has a rich history of systems' integration success. Capitalizing on 20 years of enterprise systems integration and 18 years of consumer electronics integration work at Cybermation, we are expanding the suite of products and services to better serve our customer base. Cybermation offers MedReady, an automated medication dispenser that enables your loved one to have more independence in their day to day life. It has an audible alarm that can be set up to four times a day and it holds 28 doses of dry medication. We also offer the "BeClose with Cybermation system" which provides information and notifications that can greatly reduce the need for acute care. In addition, the system is designed to keep residents out of a 24-hour care facility for several years. We also offer For more information please call.

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AccentCare® Fairview Medication Management

AccentCare Fairview offers medication management systems ideal for those with simple or complex medication schedules, and for anyone having trouble remembering to take their medication. Our systems are easy-to-use, hold up to several days of multiple medications in pre-filled dosage cups, and offer reminder alerts for you and/or your caregiver. We can provide both at-home and portable options to accommodate your lifestyle. Contact us today or visit our website for more information. With AccentCare Fairview Health Alert Systems --- you’ll never feel alone.

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