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Between Sisters is another engaging and beautifully written novel about a family with an assortment of troubles and few joys along the way.  Ms. Hannah if you'll remember also wrote two other books worth reading. "The Nightingale" and "The Great Alone" which are vividly descriptive and heartfelt.

This is the story of two sisters who couldn't be more different. Meghann Dontess, the older sister is an high-powered divorce attorney in Seattle with a failed marriage and a distain for intimacy in it's wake. While her younger sister, Claire lives a very different life as a single Mother in a small town in the Pacific Northwest helping her Dad run a low budget resort.

The painful memory that haunts the two sisters goes back to when they were 16 and 9 and Meghann had to make the painful choice to leave her sister with Claire's biological father, who they had never met, when they were abandoned by their Mother. "Now all these years later, their lives were connected by the thinnest of strands." It turned them into "polite strangers who shared a blood type and an ugly childhood."

There is also another mysterious and sad side-story about a man, Joe Wyatt, who is on the run from his former life.  You wonder what he has to do with this story until the author brings him home to the same small town in the Pacific Northwest.

As the story progresses Claire and her long-time friends decide on a night on the town.  She's on the dance floor with her friends when Bobby Austin takes the stage. He says, "This song is for The One. The one I've been lookin'for all my life." Claire had never been in love until that minute! She was thirty-five years old and she knew he was The One.

It's at this point that Meg has a life threatening experience which changes the course of her life.  During the same period of time, Claire calls to tell her she's marrying Bobby Jack Austin after knowing him for all of ten days.  Meg says "I need to meet him now. I'll be there tomorrow night."

The rest of the story unfolds as Meg volunteers to plan the wedding and works to make it the most special day of Claire's life in spite of her serious reservations about her choice of husbands. While staying with her sister Meg meets the mysterious stranger, Joe, and the two stories intersect. They have absolutely nothing in common except their loneliness and longing to connect with another human being.

There's so much more to the story, but I always think it's better to discover most of the tale on your own.  As in real life, there are highs like an audition for Bobby in Nashville to perhaps realize his dream. Then lows like Meghann returning to Seattle and her lonely, melancholy thoughts of Joe. Finally, when Claire and Bobby are at there happiest, Meg gets a call from Claire who has just returned from Nashville.  Claire is in her car and screams, "I can't remember how to get home."

As always, I hope you enjoy the story of two sisters who rediscover their love and bond that they shared as children.  Ms. Hannah has such a gift of writing about families and their relationships in a very tender, moving way.

Happy reading!