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I think it's always fun to try a new author you haven't read before.  In this case, I was really happy I did.  The interesting thing is that the main character, Shelby Lake who is a female Deputy Sheriff, tells the story in the first person.  A book written by a male author. I don't think that's very common...

Another enjoyable thing is the multiple story lines in this book. It is not only a story about a 10-year-old boy who goes missing and his devastated family, but also Shelby's story which includes her Dad the town's sheriff who is desperately trying to hang on with early onset Alzheimerís.

The story begins with Shelby telling how her Dad rescued her as a newborn who was left on his doorstep on a freezing night.  His house used to be a church complete with a white steeple and stained glass windows. So, the birth mother assumed she would be found. Shelby was always thankful that a wonderful, caring 30 year old Tom Ginn found her in time.  He was to become her Dad and best friend.

It's a beautiful summerís day when young Jeremiah disappears with the only clue being his bicycle tipped over on the shoulder of the road. Jeremiah's older brother tells everyone that the reason they didn't stay together that morning was because Jeremiah wanted to go home and he wasn't ready.  Needless to say, this did not make their parents happy that he let his younger brother go alone. It's at this point in the story that the lies begin...

As the investigation begins no one wants to admit the awful truth. The child is not just lost in the woods, but really missing. "Hard to believe someone took him.  Not around here."  The next day there was nothing to do but call in the FBI to help with the search. Of course, along with the FBI comes the inevitable media circus.  In spite of all the resources of the FBI no suspect was ever arrested.  Summer turns to fall and fall turns to winter but, "In every investigation where there are simply no more clues and no matter hard you try, you can't create them."

I think I'll leave you to discover the interesting characters and twists in this story that I doubt you'll see coming.  It's Shelby who discovers the clue that no one else had to unlock the final secret. Her Dad tells her, "Do you know what they say about the deep, deep snow?"  "It hides every secret.  It covers every sin."

Happy reading!