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LR Services, LLC.

Attending Events in the Arts can be difficult for older adults who have lost a spouse or loved one, or are experiencing limited mobility or discomfort with driving at night. Getting out to events like theater, music, dance, movies, or museum exhibits enrich our lives. We coordinate the logistics of attending Events in the Arts and accompany older adults to ensure they can continue to experience events and entertainment stress-free and with a trusted companion. Visit our website to view Events in the Arts that you might have interest in attending in St. Paul and Minneapolis. Our services include procuring tickets, making reservations, driving and accompanying older adults to events such as*: Theater. Orchestra, Symphony, Opera, Movies, Museums, Concerts, Dance and more. Contact us today. *Our services are provided by non-medical professionals. Thus, our clients must be ambulatory with or without the assistance of a cane, walker, or wheelchair. Client must be able to attend an event without medical or PCA assistance. LR Services is fully bonded and insured.

Tel: 651-683-0898
Email: Info@LRservices.net
Website: http://www.LRservices.net