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This is the story of two women.  One an adult, Angie Malone who has longed for a baby during the fourteen years of her marriage and a young seventeen year old girl Lauren Ribido who has longed for a mother who loved her and took care of her.

The story begins with Angie Malone returning home to West Bend for a family dinner.  She's from a large, wonderful Italian family and it's good to see everyone. Except, Angie is still grieving the loss of her baby girl Sophia who only lived a few short days.  Prior to this two other babies had ended in a miscarriage. Their final attempt at becoming parents was adoption which also ended badly. After six months of supporting a teenage girl who promised them her baby, she changed her mind once the child was born.

It's at this point that Angie and Conlan decide to end their marriage. "Her need for a child had been like a high tide, that had drowned them."  While Angie is deciding what comes next, she finds out that her families' restaurant which has been the hub of their family for decades, is in financial trouble. "Mama" has a suggestion, "Angie can help". As a successful creative director she has created many successful campaigns which her deceased "Papa" had been so proud of.  So, begins a new chapter in Angie's life.  She moves back to the beach house near her family home in West Bend, Washington.

Lauren Ribido is a bright, motivated young woman who is working very hard to be the best she can be.  She's a senior at "one of the best private schools in Washington on full Scholarship."  Unfortunately, her single Mom is more interested in hanging at the local pub and finding someone to love her than in actually caring for Lauren as she should. Now, Lauren is working to pay the past due rent, studying to earn a scholarship for college and keep her grades high.

One rainy night, Angie and Lauren "meet" in a parking lot where Lauren is distributing flyers reading "Work Wanted. Steady, Reliable." In the pouring rain, Angie convinces Lauren to take a wad of bills which goes immediately to help pay her rent.

As the story goes on, Angie and Lauren form a very special bond. Angie hires Lauren at the family restaurant and becomes a part of the DeSaria family. (Mama isn't sure since Lauren isn't Italian.)  Then when Lauren's Mom abandons her Angie doesn't hesitate to offer her a place to live.

There are many more dramatic events, but I hope this much peaks your interest to read this emotional story of how these characters find hope and love when it seems impossible.  As you know, Kristin Hannah has a wonderful way of telling a story as in "The Nightingale" or "The Great Alone".  Happy reading!!