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For sales, service or even classes to learn how to use your computer and/or smartphone, find the right companies to work with here.


If you are like me, when you sit down in front of your computer all you ask is that it works. You don't want to sit and wait until it does a scan, or freezes and you need to reboot or watch the little circle of lines go around and around. Help Is On The Way! We will come to your house and work on your computer on site to do just that. So when you are checking your bank statement or email or searching for something.. your computer will do what you want, fast and safe. It's as simple as giving us a call. Call or send us an email and we will assist with your system maintenance and repairs. We perform computer troubleshooting services in Coon Rapids, Andover and north metro area.

Tel: 763-313-7370
Email: rick@fixmycomputer.pro
Website: http://fixmycomputer.pro


Catch everything over the phone with a CapTel® captioned telephone! CapTel shows captions of what your caller says, letting you read anything you cannot hear. Only CapTel gives you several phones to choose from – for landline, internet or mobile. All CapTel phones include a large display screen, adjustable font sizes and colors, and a built-in answering machine that shows captions of your messages. CapTel gives you the confidence to re-connect over the phone, knowing you won’t miss a word!

Tel: 1-800-233-9130
Email: CapTel@CapTel.com
Website: https://www.captel.com/

Cellectronix Repair

From smartphones, tablets, laptops and more Cellectronix offers advanced repair for telecommunication and portable entertainment devices. Physical and liquid damage to an electronic device can be repaired by Cellectronix LLC entirely without reserve. The difference is in the parts. We use the highest quality parts allowing us to offer you a lifetime warranty. We Repair EVERY Manufacturer & Tweak EVERY OS, We Fix Hardware Competitors Won’t Even Touch. Are you a Law Enforcement Official in need of Mobile Forensics? We can help you get the information you need today.

Address: 500 West Main St, Ste 21, Anoka, MN 55303
Tel: 763-218-6048
Email: service@cellectronix
Website: http://cellectronix.com
Directions: Click Here