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Minnesota Seniors Mental Health Facility
Mental Health Facilities provide a range of high quality, age-specific, mental health therapy services. Services are geared towards assisting individuals navigate any number of life’s challenges and are committed to strengthening our participants’ ability to live life to its fullest extent.

The Villa at Bryn Mawr

The Villa at Bryn Mawr caters to those who have a mental health needs but are further compromised by a medical issue. We provide skilled nursing and rehabilitation and work with the individuals to get them back to their prior community living environment. Our staff specializes in dealing with behaviors that are difficult to manage, further, The Villa at Bryn Mawr cares for a diverse population with a skill few facilities can match. Visit us and see how we’re different and making a difference in the lives of those already compromised. 612-377-4723

Address: 275 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55405
Tel: 612-377-4723
Email: bm@villahc.com
Website: http://villaatbrynmawr.com/
Directions: Click Here