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Too much clutter? Need help with downsizing? By working with a professional organizer they can work with you to get your things in order and help you downsize. Together you will find a place for everything.


Junk360 will pick up, remove, haul away, and recycle almost anything you can fit in our trucks. Just point to the items you need removed and watch us carry it out, load it in our trucks to haul away, and sweep up for you so that everything is as fresh and clean as a new space. We can help with just one item or an office/home full of unwanted junk. Junk360 also specializes in estate and home clearance. And at the end of the day, we ensure that everything that can be repurposed is donated, recycled or reused to ensure we reduce our impact on local landfills. Call or visit our website for a free estimate.

Tel: 651-395-8659
Email: scheduling@junk-360.com
Website: http://www.junk-360.com

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The Packup Artist

The Pack Up Artist provides services that bring peace of mind and comfort for those struggling with clutter and disorganization. We understand the emotional struggle you face with downsizing and letting go of belongings. Our dedication and compassion to supporting you in your transition or task is reliable and trustworthy. You deserve kindness and respect; without judgment of your situation. We also provide personalized service to relieve the burden and stress of packing and organizing your belongings. Our Pack-Up Professionals, help individuals across Minnesota with their packing, downsizing and organization projects. Let us coach you on your organization journey! Contact us today!

Tel: 651-442-9501
Email: thepackupartist@gmail.com
Website: http://www.thepackupartist.com

Estate Smart

Estate and Downsizing Auctions. Whether you are just downsizing or moving or both, we know your possessions are important to you. Estate Smart can help with a smooth transition by helping you organize, sort and decide what to sell and what to save. We get your items up for sale right away and arrange for buyer pick up. We will work hard to get the most money for your treasures. Contact us today.

Tel: 612-900-4449
Email: customercare@estatesmart.com
Website: http://estatesmart.com/