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Among many hobbies that people enjoy are picking up a good book!  The problem is picking the right book.  "A Good Book" is a very subjective thing, since people's interests are so varied.  Some prefer sci-fi, some like a good murder mystery, others like a good romance or historical novel, while others prefer non-fiction.  Here you will find some interesting titles complete with Dick's reviews.  Then it's up to you to decide!

It's also our intention to make this section as interactive as possible for your reading enjoyment.  If you have a book you wish Dick to review or you have a review, click here to submit your suggestions to our webmaster.


About Dick:

Born and raised in Northeast Minneapolis,  Dick Solem went to Edison High for 2 years and transferred to Osseo High in Osseo, MN.

After graduating from high school, Dick went to the University of Minnesota.  Married right after graduating from the U, Dick and his new bride, Colleen, traveled to San Antonio, Texas to begin a 3 year tour of duty with the U.S. Air Force.  After a stint in Japan, Dick left the Air Force.  He and his wife returned to Minnesota where he started a 25 year career in the Life Insurance industry.  During that time, his family grew. His 3 children all have had successful careers.  After retiring from the Life Insurance industry, Dick assisted in establishing a successful advertising agency in the Twin Cities Metro area. 
Besides being an avid reader, Dick has spent a lifetime as a collector.  For the past 25 years, he's had a "love affair" with English Toby Jugs and his collection presently has over 450 pieces.


Dick's Featured Review: 

Dick's Featured Review: 
NYPD RED 2 by James Patterson
in collaboration with Marshall Karp

“NYPD RED 2” by James Patterson, in collaboration with Marshall Karp, is a satisfying story of vengeance via vigilance.  The victims of the vigilantes have been found garbed in Tyvek coveralls (hazmat-like clothes), thus the tabloids have named him/her the “Hazmat Killer”.  Shortly after the victims are found a video is on the internet showing the victim confessing to some terrible crime of his/her own!  The fourth victim is wealthy, politically connected and famous.  And NYPD RED is just the outfit that handles cases involving such people.  Wealth & politics call for special handling by everyone.  Top detectives Zach Jordan and his partner Kylie MacDonald are called upon to close this case in a hurry, because elections are imminent and jobs are at risk. 

It all began years ago when the son of a mob boss was killed by high school victims of the son’s arrogance and evil.  So we can suspect the WHY of subsequent actions, but the WHO is still up in the air and answering that is the fun in this story. 

Zach & Kylie have a history & Kylie’s husband is an addict and Zach still has feeling for her, but Cheryl loves Zach and Zach is concerned that Matt is getting too close to Cheryl… Oh well, just ignore all this as it has little to do with the big question… WHO?

Despite the political & personal pressure, Zach & Kylie keep eliminating the chaff and finally get to the “Uhha” moment when things come together & they realize who they have been seeking.  By then however, because of a son’s carelessness, and a mother’s thoughtfulness, the vigilantes find themselves as the victims of vigilante justice!

Oh, go ahead and read it, there is a lot more to it and you’ll enjoy it!