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Collecting antiques and other collectibles has become a hot hobby.  
Here you will find lots of useful information about antiques and collectibles
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Deb was born and raised in Anoka County.  She currently resides in the town of Anoka.  She has been an antique dealer since 1995.  Deb learned to love garage sales and antiques at a very young age.  Her personal collections include Vintage Jewelry, Tobacco Tins, Red Wing Pottery, Vintage Furs, Mixing Bowls/Nesting Bowls, "Sharon" Pattern Depression Glass, Granite Ware, and much more.  Deb loves music from 1930 to 1965 which includes artists such as Shirley Horn, Dinah Washington, The Righteous Brothers, and Patsy Cline.   Her other passions include home-style cooking, crossword puzzles, and online word games. This photo was taken at "Antiques Downtown" in Elk River.  763-441-1818


Below you will also find the Collectors Billboard with listings for antique shops, flea markets, garage sales, church bazaars, and so much more!   Enjoy!  If you have any questions about antiques you would like to ask our professional, there is a link below you can use to contact her directly.  Also, check out Deb's list of What's Hot and What's Not!


Do you know what these two items are??  Boot scrapers are rather self explanatory...  but what about bootjacks?

Let's investigate.  Starting with the easy item, a boot scraper.  This is a device to scrape or rub the bottom surface of boots and shoes for the purpose of cleaning. 

Everyday living, working and walking led to packed in dirt, mud, dung, and/or caked-in straw onto shoe bottoms.  Boot scrapers were used before entering a cleaner area.  Typically that was the main house or homestead.  It could also have been a bunkhouse or eating area.  Foot scrapers were used abundantly.  They were small (maybe 12 inches in size), portable or affixed, and very common in the 1800's and early 1900's.  A few date back to the 1700's.  They were made of cast iron or sturdy wood.  Some were ornate and some were plain Jane.


  • Cast iron, Lyre shape on oval base with scalloped pattern, 9"x11'         $85

  • Cast iron, Duck, full body design, 15"                                                         $200

  • Cast iron, Pig, side view with one cut-out eye, 12"                                   $150

  • Cast iron, Cat design, 15"                                                                          $30

  • Cast iron, Black shoeshine boy design, 13"                                              $100

  • Cast iron, Elephant design, 11"                                                                  $30

  • Cast iron, Dachshund design, 20"x7"x7"                                                   $130

  • Wood, Dachshund, full body design                                                           $75

Next, let's investigate bootjacks.

This is a device to aid in the removal of boots and shoes.  It is a yoke like device or tool for catching the heal of a boot or shoe, and then pulling it off.  Most often made of metal, cast iron or wood.  Some had fancy designs or shapes, and again, some were plain Jane.


  • Cast iron, Beetle shape, 4"x11"x3"                                                            $85

  • Cast iron, Dachshund design, 8"x24"x6"                                                   $110

  • Hickory wood, basic v-shape, bent handle, long                                       $50

  • Cast iron, basic v-shape                                                                              $40

  • Cast iron, Moose, 11"                                                                                  $35

  • Wood, Fish design carved, 22"                                                                   $70

  • Cast iron, Pistol and boar design, ornate, folds, 9"                                  $200

I wish you good luck shopping for, using and decorating with antiques and old stuff.  All information in this column is my opinion only.  All price estimates are my opinion only. 

Lastly, I own the lyre shaped cast iron foot scraper described above.  I got if from my grandma when I was only a teenager. I had it sandblasted and painted.  Would I do that refinishing today... I donít know.

Do you have a question pertaining to antiques or collectibles that you would like to ask Ms. Chesley?  You can email Deb your questions directly.  She would be happy to answer your questions!  Be sure to bookmark this page for future articles and information.

                             View the archive of Ms. Chesley's past articles here.

What's Hot!!  What's Not!!

Hot Hot:

-  Sterling Silver items and jewelry.

-  Vintage board games, including wooden table top games.

-  Puzzles and jigsaw puzzles.

-  Dick and Jane items (if you can find them), books and teaching materials.

-  Canning jars - Repurpose and use throughout your home.

-  Rustic wood and metal items that can be repurposed in the garden decor.  Think outside the normal gardening pots and use something not "designed" for a garden.  Have fun.  Add rustic items or splashes of color.

-  Rosaries, crosses, religious medals, Pope mementos, religious framed wall pictures.


-  Glassware in general is still not selling well.
-  Dollies.
-  Cookbooks still are not selling -- too many for sale and too new.
-  Antique reference books/manuals/guides --  It's free online.
- 14K gold.

                             View the archive of Ms. Chesley's past articles here.

Do you have a question pertaining to antiques or collectibles that you
would like to ask Ms Chesley? Please email Deb your questions.
Answers to many questions received will appear here.

Collector's Billboard:

June 3 & 4, 2017 Ė Annual Anoka Antique Show Craft & Flea Market -  Anoka hosts over 100 antique dealers locally as well as out of state. The size of the show is just right for a day to browse, shop, and look for that special item.  Antiques, Vintage, and Decorating Items.  Items in all price ranges and collecting categories can be found.  Good Food, Concessions are available for your enjoyment.  Prize Drawings, Register for a visa gift card.  Discount Admission-Print out your own coupon for discount admission. The regular admission price for Saturday and Sunday is $4.50. Remember, children 12 and under are free with parents.  Get a Special $1 Off Coupon

Every Monday Night: Auctions presented by Luther Auction House, 2556 7th Avenue East in Maplewood.  For more information, call 651-770-6175 or Click Here For Details

Every Wednesday through Sunday Pac Ratz Flea Market Indoor/Outdoor flea market featuring over 40 vendors, there's something for everyone!  Located at Hwy 65 & Constance Blvd, in Ham Lake.  For more information, call 763-413-1400 or Click Here For Details

Last Saturday of the Month:  Antique and Collector Auction presented by Brown Auction 13229 St. Croix Avenue in Lindstrom.  Estates and consignments welcome!  For more information, call 612-598-9031 or Click Here For Details

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